Watching obama and mccain bitch about a bunch of shit


rthorn77 said...

To the administrator of this blog: I do not know who you are or what your intentions are in creating this Internet Web Page. Perhaps it has something to do with "irony" or an attempt to "pwned" me, to use a phrase of the Internet lexicon. I also don't know how you are acquiring my private communications with my good and trusted friend, noted award-winning artist Dina Kelberman, but you could at least endeavor to get your facts straight. This Text Message was sent by me at 8:53pm Central Time (meaning 9:53pm Eastern Standard Time, in case you are as ill-equipped for logical deduction as you seem to be for factual accuracy). I ask, nay demand, an immediate retraction/correction be posted on your Internet publication. Thank you for your attention and good luck in your future endeavors.

JD said...

Dear Sir: We here at the Daily Reece are at a loss to comprehend your intentions in questioning our accuracy, which, sir, we can assure you, is one hundred percent perfectly accurate all of the time. Thank you for your concern.